BTEC Assignment 1 – Page Layout Design for Digital Media

To perform well in your first assessment, you need to address the following four key areas:

  1. How common principles of page layout design (fonts / images / mastheads / house style / themes) have been used in your chosen websites and adverts
  2. How your chosen websites and adverts have used out not used current trends in page layout design – use these links to help you with this question: Graphic Design Trends 2017  / Graphic Design Trends 2018 / Web Design Trends
  3. The difference between digital and printed page layouts – interactivity – gifs etc
  4. The purpose of page layout design – how it provides a basic framework for anyone wanting to design a website / advert and allows the reader / user to instantly make sense of what they are seeing


Remember, to get anything above a pass you must include reference to at least two websites and two printed documents. Try to link your resources, eg Hemel Snow Centre website / Hemel snow centre flyer, Surf Snowdonia website / Surf snowdonia flyer.

And don’t forget you need lots and lots of images on your report!


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